The primary purpose of developing an estate plan is to help you examine your financial needs and assets in order to make sure that you and your heirs are provided for in the best possible way. Estate planning includes determining who will be in charge of your financial and medical decisions during your lifetime when you are no longer capable of making those decisions, protecting assets in the event that you require long-term care, and directing the disposition of your assets following your death. In addition to providing financial security, estate planning encourages individuals to make important decisions, such as appointing a guardian for minor children, choosing healthcare preferences, and securing funeral arrangements. It also provides an opportunity to minimize administrative costs, transfer costs and taxes.

There are many documents that are used individually or in combination to effectuate the best plan to meet your needs, including a Last Will and Testament, a financial Power of Attorney, a Power of Attorney for Health Care and Advanced Health Care Directive, and a Trust. Since the complexities of trust and estate planning go beyond the drafting of a will, the attorneys at Santanasto Law can address various issues related to real estate, securities, banking transactions, contract law or any other issue that will secure your future and the future of your surviving loved ones.