Are you or a loved one suffering from an injury, illness or mental or physical condition that prevents earning an income from work?

Qualifying for social security benefits can be a difficult process.  Eligibility is dependent upon whether you are able to prove with a medical or mental health history that you suffer from a condition that is disabling and expected to last at least twelve (12) months.

Filing for disability benefits is done through the Social Security Administration website.  During the process, you will receive several forms to complete.  We can assist you in completing the forms in a manner that supports your claim.  Additionally, our office will obtain the necessary medical records and reports.   It is a good idea to inform your treating physician(s) about your intention to file for disability benefits.

Statistics show that Social Security denies approximately sixty-five (65%) percent of the applications for disability benefits in the initial stage.  This step is decided by a bureaucrat who without a right to a hearing.  The rationale is that a large percentage of these applicants will give up.

THERE IS HOPE FOR SUCCESS! We Handle Initial Social Security Applications & Appeals

Our disability lawyers can help you at the initial application stage in order to help fill out the paperwork properly so that there is not a significant delay in your obtaining benefits. We will then file your disability claim electronically to ensure the fastest processing.

If you have already been denied SSDI or SSI benefits, we can rapidly file reconsideration (appeal), and even request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, if necessary.

At Santanasto Law, you will be represented by a licensed disability attorney who has decades of experience obtaining Social Security Disability benefits for their clients. Harry Newman is a Spanish-speaking bilingual attorney. Se Habla Espanol.

Our fees are “contingency based” which means we receive payment only if you are awarded benefits.